Super Normal Podcast


In October 2017, I was featured in Super Normal Podcast to discuss my adoption, my newly found identity as a Lakota woman, my interracial marriage and cultural appropriation. Please check out and support this podcast.


How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch


HNTTLABB is an online travel publication that brings awareness to travel experiences by people of different races, ethnicities and sexual identities. It provides honest travel content and provides a unique platform for people to share these experiences. I wrote an article in April 2018 to share my experience as a Native woman traveling in the United States.


Miraculous Mamas Podcast

Indigenous Peoples’ Day Episode

We are celebrating Indigenous People’s Day by giving voice to Native women to share their stories and educate us on how to be more aware on this day. New mother and Native women’s advocate, Cali Wolf, comes on to share history, culture and stories with us to shed light on the lack of resources women have on reservation land leading more illnesses and deaths. Nicolle Gonzales, who is a midwife, comes on to talk more about the Native birthing community and how it takes one person to change a community.